“About us” – GIOTTO Project Partners Interview

Ilaria Corvaglia | Politecnico di Torino

PhD student

Short Bio & role in the GIOTTO Project

I am a researcher who had the GIOTTO project as her first impact on the research work. When I was studying and had to choose the group where to carry out the master's thesis, I was struck by the project, its complexity and the vast network of people who worked behind it. I decided to follow that path and I didn't regret it. After graduation, continuing with the project I was able to participate more actively. My role was part of WP5, treating and analysing mice sacrificed with the Micro-CT technique. Although my role was still marginal compared to others, I felt that what I did was important. The data I obtained were useful to determine the performance and potential of the three devices. Not bad!

What are the main tasks you carried out, and with which results?

My role was to analyse the skulls explanted from the mice of the in vivo testing by means of Micro-CT. I had to determine the performance of the devices, evaluating the amount and distribution of newly formed bone. Honestly it was a challenge. Coming into contact with such a particular and complex technology and having to find a way to obtain scientifically relevant data was complex. It took a lot of study and application to the technique to get the results. But in the end, it paid off for two reasons. Firstly, through my work we all have seen everyone's progress and efforts; also, seeing that the devices were promising and could really help was exciting.

Has GIOTTO Project changed in some way your career or work?

The GIOTTO Project changed my career, right from the start. Without this project I may not have taken this path and certainly now I would not be what I am now. The project gave me the opportunity to work in a team, understanding the needs and points of view of others. These things are never taught at school or university and learning them having to deal with personalities of various depths (from students like me, to professors, to professionals in their sector in a company) has been an excellent training ground for life. Having dealt with the GIOTTO project helped me personally to get me out of my shell, and professionally to show me aspects of research and professional life that I had never had the opportunity to see.